3. Under this agreement, fees are collected by theRRO transferable in categories of works and distributed to rights holders that the receiving SAR does not represent on that date; the MMR transfers the royalties as in (8.2) above on HOWEVER, the MMR received holds the fees thus collected for the rights holder or organization representing the rights holders in these categories of rights, works and publications until the receptive MMR and these rights holders or organizations agree on the terms of representation or, if no agreement on representation is obtained within the deadline. If there is no agreement, the the receiving MMR may, moreover, apply these fees to a collective purpose of the benefit for the rights holders concerned. 5. In addition, Company B is prepared to represent other categories of area B breeding rights in Area B (if they have been agreed with these rights holders) and to obtain, on behalf of these rights holders, S A of the money that belongs to the holders of territorial rights B in these categories. If Company B has an agreement with these categories of rights holders, Company B will notify Company A of its representation. On behalf of the rights holders, Company A hereskly grants Company B the non-exclusive right to enter into licensing agreements with users and to collect royalties for the reproduction of rights, reprographic works and publications of the rights, works and publications described in Appendix A of this agreement, on the same basis and under the same conditions as Company B, and to collect royalties for the reproduction of the rights, works and publications of the rights holders it represents. Each of the parties receiving the MMR undertakes to give its consent to the tax authorities of the OAR territory which has been transferred to it to receive all royalty payments under this agreement, gross and without deduction of tax in this area, the transferable MMR commitment being required to provide the MMR recipient with all the necessary information and assistance in connection with such a request. Each MMR has entered into this agreement in good faith and in a spirit of cooperation and will do everything in its power to resolve, through mediation or mediation, any disputes that may arise in the context of the interpretation of this agreement.

All disputes relating to the interpretation or application of this agreement that are not resolved in this manner are resolved through arbitration. The arbitration tribunal applies the law of the country in which the reprographic reproduction with which the dispute is related took place or will take place. If the dispute is independent of a specific reprographic reproduction, it is subject to the law of the area of exploitation of the SRA against which the dispute is contested. The arbitration procedure takes place in the area where the law applies. The arbitration tribunal is composed according to the rules in force in this territory and the arbitration is carried out in accordance with the law and custom of that territory, except that there is no appeal against the Tribunal`s decision on grounds of fact or law. 5. 5. The royalties allocated and distributed under this agreement include the respective revenues from tax investment, unless otherwise provided by the Schedule … and/or the schedule …

, calendar H, with the agreement of the receiving MMR. 2. rights holders whose works are the subject of this agreement, rights holders who are represented only on the basis of agreements reached by the SAR with RROs that are not parties to this agreement; 6.

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