The granting of a right to sublicensing to third parties also involves a number of important decisions that must be taken into account by the parties when awarding this part of the licence. Sublicensings can be anyone or be limited to . B only parties related to the licensee; only companies linked to the licensee; only a certain number of third parties; or only those parties who have received prior authorization from the licensee. Museum as a licensee: If your resource centre deals with ILL, you can negotiate an ILL clause in your license. This section deals with the field, territory, rights of the previous licensee and commercial rights retained by the licensee. Some of what is included in this section appears in section 1 (parts) and may not be necessary in all situations. Museum as a licensee: The licensee is required to grant continuous (appropriate) access to the content granted. If the content is not available, the museum must find solutions to correct the solution and offer it in advance to the licensee. Assistance can provide HelpDesk help (and the license must provide the phone number and if it is free), help online either through a list of questions and answers available on the content owner`s website and/or real-time online support in which you can send a support person via email. In addition, your license may be energized on the opening hours of the support (z.B 24/7 or during the east opening hours) and the waiting time to get support, i.e. by phone or in response to an email). In some situations, sublicensings may also need access to support.

A content owner should not be able to terminate the license because it has modified the licensed content. The content should be available as described in the license for the duration of the contract. Events that are not controlled by the donor may occur. B license, such as the loss of a content provider or database that could trigger such a clause. Recitals: This clause is important for any form of agreement. It is used to provide a background through the contracting parties. This clause defines the relationship between the parties until the effective date of the agreement. A well-developed recital can play an important role in explaining to each reader the context of the agreement, allowing a person who is not known to the agreement to better understand it. However, it also specifies that the binding clauses of the agreement are included in the forthness clauses and not in the recital itself.

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