An important indication is that the model form was designed to be separated from the associated construction contract. It contains trust provisions, often included in construction contracts, and establishes a typical tripartite agreement between the employer, the contractor and the agent. The CLLS hopes that the complex negotiations, often conducted during the investigation of all relevant points and provisions, will be less extensive with the model. Article 3 Identifies deposits necessary for the insurance and payment of construction funds, ♦ the licensee`s affidavit ♦ waiver of Link (for the current draw – including a lump sum waiver by the contractor) Most construction projects are managed by a third party, usually a property company or bank, who acts as a trustee , receives and approves all requests for payment from the contractor. This third party verifies the accuracy of all construction administration documents before construction funds are released into a receiver account. Whether you are the owner or contractor, you must submit affidavits to the fiduciary to ensure that each payment is complete and detailed. Until the conclusion, the owner and the trust agent cannot be paid to the trust agent. In order to protect the owner of the land, the contractor and the project, it is necessary to establish a clear definition of the work of the fiduciary intermediary. However, the City of London Law Society (CLLS) Construction Law Committee has attempted to fill this gap by publishing a form of trust agreement based on a number of examples in the sector. As with all standard form agreements, health warnings apply. The standard form must be checked and modified to deal with project specific details.

Nor does it intend to be exhaustive, so it may not cover all the issues to be addressed. It will be important to ensure that the provisions agreed to in the trust agreement do not overlap with the terms of the underlying construction contract and do not violate the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act of 1996.

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