Both sides are stuck on issues such as unemployment insurance for non-active Americans, funding of solvent public and local governments, and corporate liability protection. “Today, Minister Mnuchin and I spoke at 15 .m. Our interview has made it possible to be clearer and more common as we approach an agreement. Today`s deadline has shown us that it is possible to make decisions and exchange language, which shows that both sides are serious about finding a compromise. The lack of a direct payment of $1,200 per person proved to be a sensitive issue for some who said they would not support the bill without it. They also oppose a language that would protect businesses and certain institutions from prosecutions related to coronaviruses, a priority supported by Republicans. Senate Republicans have made two proposals. The first, the $1 trillion HEALS Act, offered an increase in unemployment insurance of $200, compared to $600 in the Democratic plan, and no money for governments and local governments. The HEALS bill was never passed amid criticism from Senate Republicans, who called it a misguided and costly one. The second, a $300 billion plan, was prevented earlier this month by Senate Democrats from getting a full Senate vote. “All they do is fight and fight, and no one helps us,” Brill said.

“No one is helping us in one of the richest countries in the world. Get another stimulation check. Add some money to the unemployment. Understand yourself and ask for help for us. “It`s not a Kumbaya moment, as we did in March or April, when everyone voted, but the American people finally need help,” McConnell said. “And wherever this case is voted between the President of the United States and his team, who must sign it into law, and the significant minority of Democrats in the Senate and the majority in the House of Representatives, I am prepared to support, even though I have some problems with some parties.” Covid-19 led Congress to pass the largest emergency aid package to date, the CARES Act.

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