I received an email from who revealed that my billing contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment was terminated, but I never had a billing contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Is this a scam? Has anyone else received that kind of message? Yes, basically. Gone to the basket, click buy or anything, then he slammed the dialog box PayPal from the right side of the window and then made me re-enroll in PayPal and vote for billing s. Oh no! That sounds disturbing. First of all, I recommend you change your password immediately, as the implementation of billing agreements would mean that someone else has access to your account information. Make sure there is no more active billing agreement that you have not authorized. Finally, report all transactions you did not initiate as unauthorized. I hope the problem will be solved soon! It seems that it dissolved on the right login since the agreement in PayPal is still active The same thing happened to me minus the lack of transaction yesterday, when I bought Deadpool, it made me get back to PayPal and the last agreement was terminated, I found it strange, but didn`t bother me so much. Maybe sony improves their security…?? I didn`t know you could use PayPal with the PS4.

I`ve always memorized my card and billing information. You just need to enter my password at the checkout. If you bought something from the online store, did you PayPal then did he use the missing transaction dialog box before being redirected to the PayPal window? What is curious is that I PayPal Sony in my payment contracts. Sony is foolish to accept payment forms for finance accounts. I tried by PayPal and credit card. These are all payment methods that I currently use with other creditors. Apparently, when I try to replenish dollars in my account, I get an error message on your portal. If I use PayPal as a source of payment, I receive the same form letter without contact information to resolve it. I`m sorry for my son, who can`t buy anything, but I keep blaming Sony for its Asinine trading procedure. It happened right away. I had added the 2 Playstation emails for money and my purchase.

then 2 of PayPal – the email in question and the typical purchase of Sony. Click continue has made me connect to the PayPal and I was able to place the purchase. I don`t know why it was canceled or what it means. Look for some articles on PayPal faq, but nothing really explain. Has anyone ever received this email from PayPal? It just so happens that tonight, buying dlc on my PC for the world at war. I recorded PayPal on the ps4, but not the ps3, so I have to do it on PC. The strange thing is that I had a missing transaction thing, either to hit cancel or further away from PayPal if I continue with the purchase. Almost safe, it is a security measure to prevent people entering other people`s accounts from using the PayPal account. Thank you, it really reassures me to read your speech. to worry a bit, because while I was waiting for the zombie packets to download them, I saw a site that publishes fake emails/scams, and this was included in the exact text of the email I received.

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