While the flexibility from month to month could attract some, lease renewal has a number of benefits for landlords and tenants. We have drawn the difference between the options and benefits of temporary agreements. With a periodic duration (such as a monthly basis), you have a much wider choice of potential buyers attracted by the property and the contractual terms that you can offer with an empty possession potential. I guess I have to thank you for all your advice, and I wonder if you should go ahead on this occasion and be more careful in the future to negotiate clauses in advance. However, they are insolent because they only produce these documents after finding a tenant and when tenants and landlords really have to get things started quickly to continue. Hello, Penny, thank you for your question and your comment. You should speak directly to the director of the agency that manages your property if this has happened to you and if you feel that you are entitled to compensation. This is not a new law and there is no “punishment” – if your agent has failed to tell you that your tenants do not have a fixed term, then you need to speak directly to the client. We hope this will help you. I wonder if anyone can help. We are about to terminate my tenants 1 year contract with a 6-month break clause. I ask them if they want to renew the contract for an additional year, and they say that I confirmed it during the visit after the first year we entered into a periodic lease. That`s not true, but I`m sure it was just a misunderstanding and so far they seem good tenants, but as I`ve never used it before the periodic rent, I`m a little worried about applying it without signing anything and I don`t like the idea of a short-term 1 month delay (as they pay the monthly rent).

Do you know if it is possible to sign a new AST contract without the 6-month break clause, including that both parties must give two months` notice to leave? Hello, I ask on behalf of a friend. She already has a six-month fixed-term contract in 2016, which has never been renewed, but she has only agreed to renew it every six months. She paid her last six months` rent in April and is getting closer to her family. She was told that she could give a one-month delay, but they will not pay any of the extra rent she paid to cover her rent until the end of October? Can the real estate agent do so, as she certainly should, to resign one month in advance, i.e.

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