Smith explains how the training provided by the Canadian government is not relevant to Yukon`s Aboriginal values and beliefs. The Canadian government provides education in terms of the economy, and in the first place encourages students to go to post-secondary education. [6] Smith believes that if Yukon First Nations have the capacity to change the education system, they would be able to create programs that are relevant and appropriate for Aboriginal people. [6] Programs could include land training, arts and crafts. One of the overall objectives of the federal government is to transfer government and decisions on local or regional programs to local communities, while maintaining the federal government`s decision-making power for national programs; Examples include Yukon`s self-management agreements and the Yukon Northern Program Program Devolution Agreement. Yukon`s claim and self-management agreements are the basis for lasting relationships between our societies, cultures and governments. Plans and agreements for each autonomous Yukon Nation are linked and work together to structure autonomy and the implementation of a program/service in the Yukon. Yukon Country`s claims refer to the process of negotiating and executing Aboriginal land claim agreements in Yukon, Canada, between First Nations and the federal government. On the basis of historical occupation and exploitation, First Nations claim fundamental rights in all countries. One of the objectives of financial transfer self-management contracts is to provide the NWSM with resources to provide public services for which it is responsible at a level reasonably equivalent to that offered in other parts of the Yukon, at a reasonably comparable level of taxation.

For each transfer of programs and services from the Yukon government to the NWSM government, the savings to the Yukon government resulting from the transfer are calculated. Any savings to the Yukon government resulting from a reduction in program or service liability will be paid to the Government of Canada, less the amount of its taxes that the Yukon government authorizes to the GSYFN government. Conventions relating to the administration of justice may include provisions relating to warrants, civil remedies, criminal sanctions (including fines, punishment and imprisonment), criminal prosecutions, enforcement of sentences, criminal prosecutions, relations between sgYFN courts and other courts, and other related issues. You can find the self-management agreement for a given nation by visiting its website: Umbrella`s final agreement was the framework for negotiating the Yukon First Nation`s final agreements and self-administration. The UFA provided for total compensation and a land quantum of approximately 8.5 per cent of the Yukon`s land area, which was to be returned to First Nations. Most of the country is owned by First Nation governments, although a number of existing reserves have been retained. He also called for the creation of a number of bodies and committees to provide the government with community contributions, recommendations and decisions. [8] CBC Yukon host Leonard Linklater spoke this week with several people who participated in negotiations in the 1990s.

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