The Client undertakes to cooperate with the Advisor and to entrust him with the provision of the services defined in this Agreement. The Advisor accepts this contractual relationship and undertakes to provide the financial advisory services listed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and undertakes to perform the tasks listed to the best of his ability. Both the Advisor and the Client agree that each party is solely responsible for its normal business expenses, including accounting, communication, operating costs and business travel, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. The Counsellor acknowledges that he/she will have knowledge of and access to non-public information within the meaning of federal law. Accordingly, the advisor undertakes not to make purchases or sales of customer inventory and will make reasonable efforts to protect such information and prevent it from reaching third parties, unless the customer has previously authorized it. In addition, the Consultant undertakes not to include or disclose such information in financial reports intended for public release, including annual reports, press releases and investor communications. PandaTip: If you intend to offer additional services under this Agreement, add them to the template in this section. PandaTipp: Once you are done customizing this template, click “Send” in the menu on the right. You and your customer will receive a copy of this agreement, which can be signed from any computer or mobile device. PandaDoc electronic signatures are legally binding and your customer can upload a signed copy of the agreement for their documents.

The client agrees not to circumvent or circumvent this contract in order to avoid paying any fees to the advisor. In addition, the client undertakes to make reasonable efforts to regularly inform the advisor of the legal, commercial and commercial conditions related to the client`s activities. The client must inform the advisor of any new contract, business or other agreement with a private or public body and provide the advisor with copies of the exact documents. This document represents the entire agreement between the client and the advisor. No other agreement, promise or agreement, written or oral, is maintained at the time of signing this financial advisory agreement by the client and the advisor. [Sender.Company] (“Consultant”) forwards this Financial Advisory Agreement to [Client.Company] (“Client”). This financial advisory agreement sets out the terms set out in [Sender.Company], which provides financial advisory services for [Client.Company]. The Advisor is solely responsible for all financial responsibilities to the Advisor`s employees, suppliers and other creditors. The client is in no way responsible for the advisor`s debt or financial debt.

Ready for some financial advice? A financial services contract is a contract between you and your financial advisor. . . .

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