[197] 3.130 The diac regional management team of each IDC is responsible for the effective management of the contract and ensures that Serco provides the services in accordance with the terms of the key contact and diaC guidelines. Dr. Hawke and Ms. Williams said that the team: we have a very detailed and comprehensive guideline that covers the dispensing of secondary drugs. There are a number of clear guidelines. It must be carried out according to the written instructions of the Chief of Health Services, the person responsible for the FMS. It is only carried out during hours when the SCE is not present. There is very detailed documentation that needs to be provided. The drug is handed over to Serco staff at the end of the IHMS stratum. It is supplied in blister blisters or Webster packaging.

Serco employees are not allowed to remove bottles of pills and spend the pills from there. It is prepackaged and comes with very clear instructions on how it should be distributed to customers. But we are delighted to make this directive available, if necessary, for prior notification. [242] Since the document you wish to access is accessible through the Ministry`s disclosure protocol, the Ministry wishes to obtain your consent to withdraw this request. If you agree to withdraw this request, you will be delighted to be able to inform the department before this Friday, June 22, 2018. These improvements are further steps to modernize the immigration detention centre, as well as a response to two reports by former prison ombudsman Stephen Shaw on detention. 3.110 Serco acknowledges that it has a responsibility to provide security services in the IDCs in collaboration with the DIAC, the Australian Federal Police and the local national or territorial police. .

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