In our experience, most employers offer a minimum sum of £350 plus VAT, but some employers offer a much more reasonable amount, for example, £1,000 plus VAT. In the case of executive settlement agreements, the offer is generally higher; between £3,000 and £5000 plus VAT. If your transaction agreement is agreed, we should be able to conclude your agreement within the limits of the amount proposed by your employer. This is a frequent added value of a transaction agreement. When outsourcing, your employer usually pays an external provider who helps you and help you find a new job. After processing thousands of transaction agreements, it can be said that there is no standard size or type. Some of the people we are asked to do are four pages, others 40. This depends in part on your position within the organization, the size of your organization, the extent to which your employer wants to deal with the issues. This is important because if conciliation negotiations are not successful, employers and workers will want to rely on their rights in court. They will not want unprejudiced debates, which may contain offers to infringe these rights, or confessions which could harm them before the General Court, to be read before the Court of Justice or the Court of Justice.

The system allows employers and workers to submit liquidation offers. Courts can view interviews without prejudice after ruling on the case, and adverse consequences can be followed if adequate offers of settlement have been rejected.

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