Recently, I saw a Verizon phone that has one of those cute keyboards slipping, and I thought it was something I could really use. But I know I have a two-year contract with Cingular, not to mention a ton of rollover minutes, at this point. I started looking at other plans when I knew I wasn`t going to receive subsidized phone offers anymore, so why the higher prices in the plan are playing. Every year, when I could receive a phone subsidized at 0.99 cents on Black Friday, the slightly higher planning costs were acceptable. But no benefits to pay the higher planning costs and not have breaks on the Hones. I now have Tmobile with my daughter. I had 5 years of Tmobile. I want to withdraw from my contract. I resigned with them in October 2008 for two more years. We have family allowances and we only have problems. Block numbers can be called, she can spend her minutes, and I`m overwhelmed. I received a credit for these items, but now there is a phone number that is not blocked, but as soon as it arrives at 8 pm, she cannot call that number or send a text message. Tmobile is working on the problems, but 3 weeks have passed and they still haven`t found out.

The time spent with Tmobile with these problems on the phone is ridiculous and I`m tired of walking around with them. I want to switch to Verizon, can anyone tell me what their service is and how their authorization works? Is Verizon better or will I just find myself in the same chaos? Thank you for any help I was not aware of I will check. But you`re right to use a service to transfer your contract to another person usually means you lose your number. Sometimes the price is worth more than it! I now have sprint, I wonder if I can upgrade the SERO plan or if I should resign and apply again. We have a family plan with three people, so I have to look at it! I have found that one can normally get away with it or obtain concessions of any kind. Even if sometimes you can`t do it, it`s even helpful to drop the money to get out of a bad situation. One thing I am not sure, but who knows it is available, is the suspension of service for a certain period of time. I am not sure whether or not that extends the contract. I`m at Verizon before Verizon existed and I`ve had at least 4-5 phones all the time….

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